Vako Design

Summer Interns

Justin Berg.jpg

Justin Berg

Justin Berg is an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa Majoring in Enterprise leadership with an event planning certificate. He anticipates to graduate May 2019. Throughout his time at Iowa, he has recognized his passion for startup companies and marketing. His involvement with Vako Design will help manage all social media and stay up to date with all the new marketing trends.

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Michael Garza

I'm a seasoned rock climber, the rock climbing scene produces a lot of excitement on the crag but also into the experience of discovering new regions around the nation.  Rock climbing taught me to use fear rather than trying to ignore it.  Fear sequentially makes you think harder, one obtains more awareness and is then guided to a thought process to produce smart and safe decisions.  So as an active athlete, an entrepreneur, an adventurer,  I come across a lot of fear and to be in control of fear has enabled me to lead others on a team and strive for success in business.

Kate Gylten.jpg

Katherine Gylten

Kate Gylten is an Intermedia artist who practices graphic design, painting, printmaking, photography, and often times sculpture. She is passionate about the environment and interested in social responsibility, specifically in business. A current project she is working on involves painting scenes of an issue of climate change on the backs of individuals underrepresented in government and business. She has had her art exhibited in The Kendall Gallery and a Graduation Comedy and Art Show. She is the president of the University of Iowa Students in Design (UISD). She is from Iowa City where she studies Intermedia, Enterprise Leadership, and Sustainability.

Ben Mudler.jpg

Ben Mulder

Ben joined Vako Design with a passion for enhancing the long-term business strategy through a high-degree of focus on delivering a positive consumer experience. Ben has held prior internship positions in financial markets customer service, the building industry as a laborer, along with being a member and founding father in Alpha Sigma Epsilon fraternity and most recently holding the Fundraising Chairman position responsible for creating and managing Fundraising eventsThis experience has prepared Ben to compliment Vako Design in the finance and sales functions.