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Toronto, CA (January 17, 2019) — Vako Design is exhibiting his Vanity Chair, part of the Narcissus collection, at the Toronto Interior Design Show 2019 Studio North, January 17 - 20, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Vako Design is sharing the space with lighting by Justin Bailey Design.

Vako Design:

Vako Darjania draws inspiration from his home country of Georgia. While Vako currently resides in Iowa City, Iowa, he still identifies culturally as Georgian, where he lived until 2001 prior to moving to the US. Raised in the capitol city of Tbilisi, he grew up surrounded by a cultural crossroads of art and architecture that brought together historical periods such as Art Nouveau, the Neoclassical, Socialist Architecture, and traditional Georgian Architecture.

Vako now teaches as a lecturer in the University of Iowa 3D Design Program, having started this past fall in addition to running his own design studio.


Vanity Chair:    

The Vanity Chair by Vako Darjania draws inspiration from the Art Deco and Memphis Modern eras of design. The asymmetric layering of surfaces and volumes complements vibrant, lush tones of velvet and wood.

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